Monday, 14 December 2009

With over 210 soldiers killed in Afghanistan and MoD figures showing that in the month of July 2009 alone there were 94 injuries associated with the war in Afghanistan, the time is right for a charity dedicated to the welfare of those directly involved in the conflict.

The mother of a soldier who died in an explosion in Afghanistan in July had the idea to set up a charity to provide support for those directly involved in the conflict.

Afghan Heroes has been launched by a group of mothers with the aim of helping our service personnel directly on the front line; the families of those who have fallen and our returning service personnel who have witnessed these horrific losses of their fellow comrades.

Afghan Heroes is independent of other charities. It deals specifically with members of the British forces and their families that have been affected by the military operations in Afghanistan now and into the future. The intention is to operate until a minimum of five-years from the cessation of our military presence in Afghanistan.

Afghan Heroes will deliver support through:

1. The “thank a soldier” initiative.
2. The provision of home comforts to those serving in Afghanistan.
3. Motivational and morale boosting support directly to our forces on the front line via your letters and news letters.
4. A support network for the families of the fallen, creating an open environment where families can give support to each other.
5. Supporting the many returning soldiers who have witnessed these horrific atrocities in the course of performing their duties.

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Help for Heroes was founded by Bryn and Emma Parry in October 2007 out of a desire to help the wounded Servicemen and women returning from Afghanistan and Iraq.

The message of the charity is simple: We are strictly non political and non critical; we simply want to help. We believe that anyone who volunteers to serve in time of war, knowing that they may risk all, is a hero. These are ordinary people doing extraordinary things and some of them are living with the consequences of their service for life. We may not be able to prevent our soldiers from being wounded, but together we can help them get better.

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