Wednesday, 18 November 2009

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Hello everyone and welcome to first ever blog. You may be wondering who we are so let me explain...

is a website I created which is dedicated to the British Armed Forces. Since 2001 Great Britain has been involved in two major conflicts, Afghanistan and Iraq. It is estimated that there are over 411 troops that have been killed in both wars to date and regardless of whether we support our motives for going to war or not our Soldiers deserve our respect. These brave men and women risk there lives on a daily basis in sometimes horrific conditions.

I dont have a lot of web design or html experiance however I decided to make this website after reading and viewing a lot of negative stuff regarding our countries involvement in both the Iraq and Afghanistan War. I read in utter disgust of soldiers being spat at while home on leave and cannot believe that as a nation we hardly seem to notice or care what these troops go through. Whether it be lack of support from the public or lack of equipment our Soldiers have to face while in combat it is unacceptable and wanted to do something however small in tribute.

The website is nowhere near complete and soon to be added will a memorial sections where people can post tributes to family, friends or any loved ones that have died in service(totally free of charge).

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