Thursday, 19 November 2009

Please remember that the website is nowhere near complete and I am no expert in web design or html so please bear with me. Im currently working on adding forums to the website in the hope of building a small community.

Still to be added to the website...

Tribute Section
You will be able to submit your own tributes (free of charge of course) to any fallen soldiers. We guarantee to make sure every tribute received is published within 48 hours. You can post pictures and videos with your tributes if you so wish.

To send in your tribute to someone you know please visit submit a tribute

A media Section
There are plans to add a video section very soon which will show various combat footage and relevant documentaries. Users will be able upload there own videos.

Plus many more features to be announced soon

I very much welcome any idea's or suggestions for the website or even just your opinion. You can email me at

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